KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 21: Kristin Beck, 2014 year in review, Gypsy Love

  • KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 20
    Maria Bello, Michelle Fetch, SF Gay and Lesbian Freedom Band
    Actress Maria Bello (Coyote Ugly, Thank you for not Smoking), on her new movie "Big Driver" - a Stephen King movie and her NY Times article on coming out. Michelle Fetch on her amazing organization and what she's doing to help women around the world. SF Gay and Lesbian Freedom Band performs. 

  • KOFY TV Ch.13/20 Episode 19
    Katie Rain Hill and Arin Andrews, Angela Peoples and Get Equal, Hurricane Roses
    Transgender Activist Teens Katie Rain Hill and Arin Andrews on their new memoirs. Angela Peoples, new co-director of Get Equal, and Hurricane Roses performs. 

  • KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 18
    Melissa Etheridge, Hon. Naggai Nabila Sempala
     Melissa Etheridge on her new album, wife, and life as a fantastic mom. We also interview the Hon. Nabila Sempala- member parliament of Uganda on why she signed a petition to keep the anti-gay bill alive. Melissa shares a performance of her new single. 

  • KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 17
    Dan Choi, Sean Strub, KB Tuff N Stuff
    Activist Dan Choi fought for DADT (Don't Ask Don't Tell) to be repealed and now he's in San Francisco fighting for education as Board of CCSF. Sean Strub, HIV/AIDS activist has a new memoir out. Queer performer KB Tuff N Stuff performs. 

  • KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 16
    Tommi Avicolli Mecca, Ross Mathews, Xavier Toscano
    San Francisco is experiencing a housing crisis. People are being evicted out of their homes to make way for new residents who can afford the extreme rent hike. Tommi Avicolli Mecca, a housing rights activist and SF Pride grand marshal joins us to discuss what he's doing to help those being evicted. Ross Mathews drops by during SF Pride and a special performance by Xavier Toscano. 

  • KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 15
    Scott Lively, Military Veteran Sage Fox, JC Events, Manila Luzon
    Pastor Scott Lively is an anti-gay activist who many believe to be behind the influence of the anti-gay bills being passed in Uganda. He received the San Francisco Pride pink brick award and joins our show to send LGBTQI people a scary message. 
    Transgender Military Veteran Captn. Sage Fox joins us to talk about her personal journey and coming out while in the military. Also, the discriminating policy that currently bans Transgender people from serving in the military. 
    Jack Rich goes in the shoes of JC Events during Drag Mondays. 

  • KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 14
    Jo Becker, Queens Cottage Shelter, and Miss LadyBug.
    Jo Becker's new book  Forcing the Spring: The Fight for Marriage Equality , sparked controversy in the LGBTQI activist community because of it's omission of specific activists and their work. Becker joins the show to address the irate activists as well as to discuss her the specifics of her book: a personal account of Prop 8, California's ban on same sex marriage. 
    Queens Cottage Shelter: a potential new homeless shelter for Transgender women. 
    Miss LadyBug performs. 

  • KOFY TV CH. 13/20 Episode 13
    Nate Phelps, Filmmaker Cecilio Asuncion of What's the T.
    Nate Phelps, estranged son of the late Fred Phelps, Sr. Fred was the SR. pastor at Westboro Baptist Church, an organization best known for picketing funerals. 

  • KOFY CH. 13/29 Episode 12
    San Antonio 4, Lesbians who Tech Founder Leanne Pittsford
    Michelle Meow interviews the San Antonio 4, four women who were wrongfully convicted of sexual molestation in the 90's and now free because of their relentless fight for freedom. Also, Leanne Pittsford of Lesbians who Tech joins us to talk about hiring queer women. 

  • KOFY CH. 13/20 Episode 11
    Karen England of Privacy for All Students
    Michelle Meow interviews Karen England of Privacy for All Students: an organization looking to repeal AB 1266, the Transgender inclusive bathroom bill that will allow Trangender youths to use which facility they identify with. Kye Allums, Transgender activist on media misrepresentation and Shane Talbott of Talbott Teas featured on Shark Tank. 

  • KOFY TV Ch.13/20 Episode 10
    Frank Mugisha of Sexual Minorities Uganda
    Frank Mugisha of Sexual Minorities Uganda discusses the Anti-Gay bill that could imprison LGBT people in the country. Simma the Inclusionst out on the streets and Jack Rich goes in the shoes of local celebrity Joel Riddell. Add Description here

  • KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 9
    Laine Hendricks of Salvation Army
    Is the Salvation Army anti-gay? Laine Hendricks of the Bay Area Salvation Army explains. Mia with Holiday favorites. Michelle goes backstage of Margaret Cho's Mother tour. 

  • KOFY TV Ch.13/20 Episode 8
    Alice Hoagland: A Hero's Mother
    Mark Bingham is believed to be the American Gay hero who took down Flight 93, the United plane that crashed in Shanksville, PA (not the intended target). Alice Hoagland, Mark's mom shares her new documentary "The Rugby Player," a film about Mark and the people he loved. Jack Rich goes in the shoes of gay magician Walt Anthony, Simma Lieberman out in the streets, and Mia at the Gold Dust Lounge. 

  • KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 7
    Steven Jimenez: The Book of Matt.
    Steven Jimenez, an author and journalist, sits down to discuss his controversial book: "The Book of Matt," a book that claims Matthew Shepard knew his murderers. Jack Rich out in the streets of the Folsom St. Fair. 

  • KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 6
    Chelsea Manning and Manning Support Network
    Rainey Reitman of Manning Support Network on Chelsea Manning, her transition, and the results of the conviction. Jennifer Orthwein on Transgender treatment in the prison system. 

  • KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 5
    Robbie Sweeney, Michael Petrelis : Boycott Russian Vodka
    Robbie Sweeney and Michael Petrelis, local SF activists joins us to talk about their work in boycotting Russian Vodka in order to send a message to Russia about the anti-gay laws. Jack Rich goes in the shoes of famous Gay photographer Steven Underhill. 

  • KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 4
    Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler, Gypsy Love
    The Trayvon Martin case had the community outraged. Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler, an award winning blogger and the founder of TransHack joins us to talk about what it's like to be Black, Black and Transgender, and Black and male. Jack Rich goes in the shoes of Gypsy Love. 

  • KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 3
    Chris Kluwe, NFL punter
    Chris Kluwe, former punter for the Minnesota Vikings on LGBT support and marriage equality. 

  • KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 2
    Gary Virginia
    Gary Virginia on SF Pride's grand marshal debacle. Jack Rich at the gym and Shar Rednour with love tips. 

  • KOFY TV Ch. 13/20 Episode 1
    The very 1st Swirl Episode
    Michelle Meow interviews Mia Macy, champion for Transgender rights who won the case Macy V. Holder- a case that is now being used to protect Transgender employees.